Top Surgery Recovery Videos

We are recording Brian’s recovery from top surgery in real time and sharing strategies for healing along the way.


Trans Wellness Workshops


In this workshop series, Asher Freeman, Certified Personal Trainer, and Brian Flynn, Licensed Massage Therapist, come together to share information and techniques for you to care for your body. All of our workshops are radically body positive and open to anyone who identifies as trans or nonbinary - if you're wondering whether you're "trans enough" to be here, we promise you are!

Top Surgery Prep and Recovery

This workshop covers DIY care for all phases of top surgery - from preparation to recovery. We share strategies to regain strength, improve flexibility, and care for scar tissue.  The class includes strengthening exercises, gentle stretches, and self massage as well as community sharing and lots of laughter.

Binding Health

This workshop is for anyone who experiences discomfort or pain as a result of chest binding. We talk about how binding can impact our bodies so that participants have a clear understanding of why and how to address specific concerns. We recognize the importance that binding can play for our mental health and offer an exercise program that you can incorporate into your daily life to mitigate unwanted side effects of binding.


We currently offer workshops on Binding Health and Top Surgery Prep and Recovery. Please get in touch if you would like to bring this information to your community in person or online!

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